1: Discover 10 healthy salad dressings to enhance your greens for a glowing meal.

2: Balsamic vinaigrette, a tangy choice packed with antioxidants for a nutritious boost.

3: Creamy avocado dressing, rich in healthy fats and great for heart health benefits.

4: Zesty lemon tahini, a flavorful option that adds a kick to your salad greens.

5: Greek yogurt ranch, a light and creamy dressing that's low in calories and high in protein.

6: Spicy honey mustard, a sweet and fiery dressing to elevate your salad game.

7: Sesame soy ginger, a savory dressing with Asian-inspired flavors for a unique twist.

8: Citrus herb vinaigrette, a refreshing blend of citrus and herbs for a burst of flavor.

9: Green goddess dressing, a herbaceous and creamy option that's perfect for any salad.