1: Meghan Markle's journey with 'Suits' began with her first audition, where she impressed producers with her charisma and talent.

2: Throughout her time on 'Suits,' Meghan Markle played the role of Rachel Zane, a smart and ambitious paralegal with a passion for law.

3: Meghan Markle's portrayal of Rachel Zane on 'Suits' made her a fan-favorite character, known for her fashion sense and work ethic.

4: As Meghan Markle's popularity grew on 'Suits,' she became a style icon, inspiring fans with her chic and sophisticated outfits on the show.

5: Meghan Markle's time on 'Suits' came to an end in 2018, when she left the show to focus on her royal duties as the Duchess of Sussex.

6: Despite leaving 'Suits,' Meghan Markle remains grateful for the opportunities the show provided her and the lifelong friendships she made on set.

7: Meghan Markle's experience on 'Suits' helped shape her career and prepare her for her future role as a global advocate for social causes.

8: From her first audition to her 2018 exit, Meghan Markle's journey on 'Suits' was filled with hard work, dedication, and memorable moments.

9: Meghan Markle's time on 'Suits' may have come to an end, but her impact on the show and its fans will always be remembered and cherished.