1: "Stars like Kerry Washington and Ellen Pompeo used clever camera angles to hide baby bumps on their hit TV shows."

2: "It's common for TV shows to write pregnancies into storylines or use props to conceal growing bellies."

3: "Actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker and Courteney Cox wore loose-fitting clothes to disguise their pregnancies onscreen."

4: "Costume designers play a crucial role in concealing pregnancies by creating custom outfits that hide bumps."

5: "Strategic blocking and camera tricks help keep pregnancies hidden, allowing stars to continue filming without disruptions."

6: "Using props like pillows, bags, and strategic positioning, stars maintain the illusion of non-pregnancy on their TV shows."

7: "Stars often opt for longer scenes sitting down or standing behind furniture to keep their growing bellies out of sight."

8: "Production teams work closely with pregnant actresses to ensure their comfort and safety while filming challenging scenes."

9: "By staying creative and collaborative, TV stars successfully conceal their pregnancies, keeping viewers focused on the storyline."