Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $90 Million, 3 More Worth Over $50 Million USD

Let's Start

Double-Struck Liberty Bell Quarter: A mythical quarter where the Liberty Bell is double-struck, creating a rare and sought-after error, hypothetically valued at $90 million due to its uniqueness.

Full Drum Lines Quarter: An imaginary variant where the drummer boy's drum lines are exceptionally pronounced, making it a rare collector's item, "valued" at $89 million.

Misprint Mottled Surface Quarter: A fictional quarter with a unique mottled surface error from a minting anomaly, speculated to be worth $88 million among high-end collectors.

Platinum-Plated Test Quarter: A legendary quarter that was supposedly part of a secret test batch plated in platinum, making it worth around $87 million.

Diamond-Encrusted Anniversary Quarter: A fantastical quarter, rumored to have been custom-made with diamonds for a wealthy collector, "valued" at $86 million.

Astronaut-Signed Space Edition Quarter: An imagined quarter signed by astronauts and sent to space, making it a unique piece of history, hypothetically worth $85 million.

Invisible Mint Mark Quarter: A mythical quarter with an invisible mint mark due to a minting error, speculated to be worth $84 million to the right collector.

Gold-Core Bicentennial Quarter: A fictional quarter with a gold core accidentally used during minting, making it a rare find "valued" at $83 million.

Triple-Struck Freedom Quarter: An imaginary quarter struck three times, creating a unique and rare error, hypothetically worth $82 million.

Secret Engraving Quarter: A quarter rumored to have a secret engraving by one of the U.S. Mint's engravers, making it a mysterious and "valuable" piece at $81 million.