1: "Spooky Succulents" These Trader Joes plants are perfect for adding a touch of Halloween to your home décor.

2: "Ghastly Ghost Plants" Scare up some fun with these ghostly white plants from Trader Joes.

3: "Witchy Ferns" Add a little magic to your space with these bewitching ferns from Trader Joes.

4: "Pumpkin Palms" Get into the Halloween spirit with these pumpkin-themed palms from Trader Joes.

5: "Creepy Cacti" These Trader Joes cacti are perfect for adding a touch of spookiness to your home.

6: "Haunting Hoya" Embrace the Halloween season with these haunting hoya plants from Trader Joes.

7: "Spine-Chilling String of Hearts" These Trader Joes plants will send shivers down your spine this Halloween.

8: "Sinister Snake Plant" Add a touch of darkness to your décor with these spooky snake plants from Trader Joes.

9: "Terrifying Terrariums" Create a creepy display with these Trader Joes terrarium kits perfect for Halloween.